Heath and the Sun - Solar Pyrography

Heath Anderson was born in the Northwest coastal community of Prince Rupert BC in 1980. Growing up in the local island village of Dodge Cove he was surrounded by the rhythms of nature.


In 1999 while visiting the Dodge Cove family home, he was playing with the optics of a page magnifier on a rare sunny summer day when he discovered that an incredibly intense and focused flame could create a detailed burned image on a piece of driftwood. Later that season back home on Vancouver Island, Heath burned his first tree for a friend who had gifted him a pair of welding goggles.


Over the years Heath has mastered the art of Solar Pyrography, allowing him to produce highly detailed and one-of-a-kind works of art. Western Red Cedar guitar soundboard wood is his canvas and Sunlight the paint for sharing his passion for the nature of the BC coast.

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